What Does Medusa Do for Fun?

I very recently completed my Eagle Project. See the pictures HERE. Be warned though, even scaled down these pages are very download intensive.

I'm very interested in a great many things. I love camping either with the scouts or with my family. I'm still trying to find an opportunity to go camping with some of my friends from outside scouts but haven't been able to pull it together yet.

I'm a swimmer and a diver for my school swim team. As soon as I can put it together I'll post a small animated picture of me diving here. I swim all the strokes, but I prefer the breaststroke. I hate the butterfly with a passion.

I spend way too much time on my computer playing "shoot-em-ups" online with other gaming addicts. I hope to break my addiction soon, but it's a tough habit. It's not like there are any bad side effects, except for some slight muscle atrophy :-)

I am currently the troop webmaster, I built all you see in the main troop website, I just decided to take it easy on this portion of the site. Make it simple and easy and not take too long, except for the crawling snakes which took a while to modify to be two snakes at a time instead of one. I will definately admit it takes a while to load on any kind of a low bandwidth, dial-up, connection. Hope you enjoy it though.